Your children are precious to us.

KiTa Schatztruhe - Children's daycare centre in Rotkreuz

Our day nursery is open all summer.

KiTa Schatztruhe: Specialist Childcare in Rotkreuz

Childcare from 3 months old in Rotkreuz

Exercise is important to us - in the sports hall, the bounce-around room and out of doors

KiTa Schatztruhe - Childcare in Rotkreuz

Your children are precious to us.

The KiTa Schatztruhe - childcare centre opened its doors in the industrial area of Rotkreuz in 2009. Because we do not pursue any commercial targets and we strive for continuity, we, as sponsors, have chosen to use the legal form of an association.

Day nursery - KiTa Schatztruhe - Children's daycare centre - RotkreuzWe accept children in two mixed age groups, from the age of three months until they start school. The child must attend KiTa for at least one whole day so that it can be assiged to a group. The day nursery operates closely across the groups.

We are very keen on exercise. The sports hall and daily walks offer the children plenty of opportunity to play and let off steam.

Open collaboration with parents is important to us. We arrange annual meetings with them to report on the current position. Events such as the spring festival, the Räbeliechtli lantern procession and Samichlaus (Santa Claus) give the parents an idea of the daily structure at KiTa.

Childcare provision is directed by Rebekka Sparrow. The well-trained specialist team is made up of ten staff members and trainees.

Our aim is to ensure that the children receive capable, high-quality care. Visit our child-friendly premises. The KiTa Schatztruhe daycare centre looks forward to your visit to Rotkreuz

Practical information

Lettenstrasse 9 6343 Rotkreuz

Mon - Fri 07:00-18:30