Your children are precious to us.

KiTa Schatztruhe - Children's daycare centre in Rotkreuz

Our day nursery is open all summer.

KiTa Schatztruhe: Specialist Childcare in Rotkreuz

Childcare from 3 months old in Rotkreuz

Exercise is important to us - in the sports hall, the bounce-around room and out of doors

Daily routine

Caring for children from the age of 3 months until they start school

The KiTa Schatztruhe childcare centre in Rotkreuz takes care of children in two mixed-age groups, called the Monkey and the Parrot groups. We structure our daily routine on the basis of various themes, suh as the seasons, the fire service, Indians, etc. We also observe each child purposefully so that we can support their development individually. At the end of the day, the care team reports on the day's events to the parents. The Kday nursery in Rotkreuz can provide a kindergarten support service by request.

Daily routine at KiTa Schatztruhe children's daycare centre:

Frühstück - Schatztruhe KiTa - Kindertagesstätte - Rotkreuz


  • 7am - 8am: Breakfast
  • 8.30am: Allocation to groups
  • 9am: Meeting for all children
  • 9am: Greeting, singing together
  • 9.15am: Morning snack
  • 9.30am: Activities (crafts, gymnastics, nature study)
  • 11am - 11.30am: Singing, telling stories, playing

Mittagsruhe - Schatztruhe KiTa - Kindertagesstätte - Rotkreuz

Mid day

  • 11.30am: Lunch
  • 12.15pm: Mid day rest or sleep

Kinderspielplatz - Schatztruhe KiTa - Kindertagesstätte - Rotkreuz


  • 2pm: Going for a walk, spending time outdoors, discovery trips
  • 4pm: Afternoon snack
  • 5pm: Children picked up between now and 6.30pm at the latest

Practical information

Lettenstrasse 9 6343 Rotkreuz

Mon - Fri 07:00-18:30