Your children are precious to us.

KiTa Schatztruhe - Children's daycare centre in Rotkreuz

Our day nursery is open all summer.

KiTa Schatztruhe: Specialist Childcare in Rotkreuz

Childcare from 3 months old in Rotkreuz

Exercise is important to us - in the sports hall, the bounce-around room and out of doors

Sports hall

Children in movement

The care provided by the KiTa Schatztruhe children's daycare centrein Rotkreuz places a high value on exercise.

Sports hall - Schatztruhe KiTa - Children's daycare centre - RotkreuzExercise contributes to the holistically healthy development of your child.

The 90 m2 sports hall provides plenty of space to play football, drive cars and do many other creative things.

Once a week, our daycare centre offer the children a targeted gym lesson, involving games and exercise. On our daily outings, we enjoy many exciting moments in the garden, the woods or the farm.

We would be delighted to show you the beautifully-equipped premises used by the Schatztruhe daycare nursery in Rotkreuz. We look forward to your call.

KiTa Schatztruhe: Children in movement

  • Sports hall: Group play with exercise elements
  • Children's playground in the garden
  • Visit to the farm
  • Exercise in the woods

Practical information

Lettenstrasse 9 6343 Rotkreuz

Mon - Fri 07:00-18:30