Your children are precious to us.

KiTa Schatztruhe - Children's daycare centre in Rotkreuz

Our day nursery is open all summer.

KiTa Schatztruhe: Specialist Childcare in Rotkreuz

Childcare from 3 months old in Rotkreuz

Exercise is important to us - in the sports hall, the bounce-around room and out of doors

KiTa Association

Day-care center Schatztruhe in Rotkreuz

KiTa provides a pedagogically-supported daily structure in Rotkreuz tochildren from the age of 3 months until they start school.

Association - Schatztruhe KiTa - Children's daycare centre - RotkreuzThe nursery offers childcare so that parents can arrange for their children to receive capable and reliable specialist care during the parents' absence. 

KiTa is open to all children on principle. Acceptance is independent of origin, religion, nationality or level of income.

We would also be very pleased if you too were to become a Member of the KiTa-Association.

The Director of KindertagesstätteSchatztruhe would be very pleased to reply to any further questions you may wish to ask .

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Practical information

Lettenstrasse 9 6343 Rotkreuz

Mon - Fri 07:00-18:30