Your children are precious to us.

KiTa Schatztruhe - Children's daycare centre in Rotkreuz

Our day nursery is open all summer.

KiTa Schatztruhe: Specialist Childcare in Rotkreuz

Childcare from 3 months old in Rotkreuz

Exercise is important to us - in the sports hall, the bounce-around room and out of doors

KiTa concept

Our fundamental approach is based on Christian values.

KiTa Schatztruhe in Rotkreuz values consideration, tolerance, mutual appreciation and constructive conflict resolution.

Concept - Schatztruhe KiTa - Children's daycare centre - Rotkreuz The day nursery maintains a loving atmosphere. This is regarded as the basis for the holistic development of children and the community. It should be reflected on the following levels: in the way the children, the parents and the Team deal with each other and in an appropriate room structure.

The service regulations provide comprehensive details about KiTa Schatztruhe. They inform parents and others with child-rearng responsibilities who intend to place their child in the children's daycare centre about the basic principles, daily routine, staff, tariffs, etc.

It starts from the view that the child has been made in the image of God and that it has:

  • A right to acceptance as a unique person
  • A right to active, positive attention
  • A right to withdraw
  • A right to fair argument with children and adults
  • A right to its own choice of playmates
  • A right to healthy nutrition
  • A right to freedom of ideas and activity, to direction and to limitation.


Practical information

Lettenstrasse 9 6343 Rotkreuz

Mon - Fri 07:00-18:30